Best Topics to Write About on Your Landscaping Website

52 Blog Post Ideas for Your Landscaping Website

Posted Jan 5, 2022 | Updated 2 years ago

To succeed in marketing your landscaping business, you need to deploy a well-rounded marketing approach. Deploying traditional advertising tactics in hand with digital advertising is a must. Content marketing, a primarily digital form of marketing, is one piece of the pie your organization should be deploying to generate landscaping leads.

The Fundamentals of Content Marketing

It’s important to remember that when you are deploying a well-rounded content strategy, not everyone who reads your content will be ready to contact your sales team and request a consultation. You should be writing content that caters to your ideal buyer personas who are in three main phases of their buyer’s journey:


Researchers in the awareness phase of their journey have only yet become aware of the need or desire they have to solve a problem related to their landscape. Oftentimes researchers in the awareness phase are reading content that gives them ideas of what could be or catches their eye because it makes them rethink something they may not have considered before. These researchers match the basic demographics of your buyer personas, but haven’t identified a true need to be solved for. Content aimed towards these researchers would primarily cater to what fancies them and be an early touchpoint with the intent to capture their lead information and keep your brand top of mind if the researcher does embark on a landscape-related project down the road.


Researchers in the engagement phase of their buyer’s journey have determined they do have a need and they do want to determine what methods are available to them. They have not yet determined even which kind of solution to pursue, let alone who they may hire to help them implement the chosen solution. For example, they have just purchased a second property and must determine how much they manage on their own versus hire out. 

They have four primary options: they could manage everything on their own; they could hire a landscape maintenance company to maintain the exterior of the property and handle any interior and rental management on their own; they could hire a property management company to manage everything for them; they could decide replace any landscaping with hardscaping to rid of landscape maintenance costs entirely.


Researchers in the consideration phase of their buyer’s journey have decided which method they prefer to leverage in solving their need. For example, they have decided that it would be better to hire a landscape maintenance company to come to the property regularly rather than to maintain the property on their own or incur the upfront costs to convert everything into hardscaping. At this point, they are evaluating vendors by service offering, price, availability, and their perception overall of which company will be best to work with. Once they narrow down their list of options, they are apt to make contact with your sales team.

Best Types of Content of Landscaping Company Websites

There are three primary categories of content to publish on your landscaping website: inspirational, educational, and pragmatic content.

Inspirational Content:

Especially in the form of Project Spotlights, content aimed to inspire readers, clients, and website visitors in general will serve to both attract newcomers to your site and convert researchers into sales qualified leads.

Blogs focused on curating certain ideas for achieving an ideal aesthetic are another way to inspire website visitors researching how to bring out the potential of their outdoor spaces.

Educational Content:

Informational and “How To” Content is ideal for catering to researchers in the late Awareness and early Engagement stages of their buyer’s journey. Especially as it pertains to home maintenance, irrigation system upkeep, and horticultural cultivation, “How-To” centered articles will not only show your company’s knowledge base, but it will be a helpful way for locals to find out about you.

Almost all homeowners turn to a search engine like Google or YouTube at the outset of their research journey for a home improvement project. When you publish insightful articles, with imagery, and embedded YouTube videos, you will be on your way to a lead generating content plan. While this kind of content can also be prominently trafficked by DIYers, many DIYers end up hiring a contractor to help them finish a project, or to take over a project that became larger in scope than originally anticipated.

Pragmatic Content:

Service and Company Centric content is still important to include in your content strategy. With this category of content, you are basically providing the necessary information for researchers to know exactly what needs done to make the project happen. Crafting content that conveys the process your team uses, that introduces your team to prospects, and that digs into the details of pricing and project expectations will bridge the gap for prospects looking for that final assurance that your team is their best option.

Let’s look at some specific blog topic ideas to get you started. Below are 52 topic ideas, one for each week of the year.

52 Blog Post Ideas for Your Landscaping Website

  1. How to Drain Your Sprinkler System
  2. When to Winterize Your Sprinkler System in [City/State/Region]
  3. Best Yard Sprinklers to Install and Maintain
  4. How to Revive Dead Grass in [City/State/Region]
  5. When is the Best Time to Aerate Your Lawn in [City/State/Region]
  6. Best Lawn Seed Brand for [City/State/Region]
  7. Best Lawn Fertilizer Brand [City/State/Region]
  8. Best Weed and Feed Brand [City/State/Region]
  9. How to Treat and Prevent Common Lawn Diseases in [City/State/Region]
  10. When to Fertilize Your Lawn in [City/State/Region]
  11. How to Remove Dead Grass
  12. How to Properly Seed Your Lawn
  13. How to Tell if Grass is Dead Versus Dormant in [City/State/Region]
  14. How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Landscaper in [City/State/Region].
  15. How Much Does it Cost for {Service} in [City/State/Region]
  16. How Long Does it Take to {Service} in [City/State/Region]
  17. X Best {Service} Companies in [City/State/Region]
  18. How to Prevent Common Lawn Weeds in [City/State/Region]
  19. Pros and Cons of Synthetic Grass Over a Live Lawn
  20. X Best Kinds of Plants for [City/State/Region]
  21. X Best Kinds of Shrubs for [City/State/Region]
  22. X Best Kinds of Trees for [City/State/Region]
  23. X Best Kinds of Flowers for [City/State/Region]
  24. X Best Fruitbearing Trees and Shrubs for [City/State/Region]
  25. X Best Low Maintenance Outdoor Plants for [City/State/Region]
  26. Best Features to Include in an Outdoor Living Space in [City/State/Region]
  27. How to Design Your Backyard To Enjoy Affordable Outdoor Living
  28. Pros and Cons of Covered versus Uncovered Patios and Outdoor Living Spaces
  29. Mistakes to Avoid When Planning for a Pool
  30. How to Design Landscaping Around Your Pool
  31. Do You Need to Install a Fence Around Your Pool in [City/State/Region]
  32. How to Install a New Pool Without Damaging Your Landscaping
  33. X Modern Water Feature Ideas For Your Outdoor Living Remodel
  34. How to Keep Patio Furniture from Sinking into the Grass
  35. X Best Outdoor Kitchen Appliances
  36. How to Make Your Urban Outdoor Living Space Feel Secluded
  37. The Difference Between a Pergola, a Veranda, and a Gazebo
  38. X Ideas for Making Your Outdoor Entertaining Area the Envy of Your Street
  39. X Raised Garden Bed Ideas to Frame your Outdoor Living Space
  40. How to Prepare your Yard for Spring
  41. How to Prepare Your Yard for Winter
  42. X Cost Effective Ways to Improve Your Curb Appeal
  43. How to Remove Mosquitos from Your Yard
  44. How to Get Rid of a Swampy Yard in [City/State/Region]
  45. How Often to Water Grass in [City/State/Region]
  46. X Ways to Tell You’re Overwatering versus Underwatering Your Grass
  47. How Often to Mow Your Lawn in [City/State/Region]
  48. Commercial Landscaping Ideas for Parking Lot Islands
  49. Rooftop Landscaping Ideas and Trends for [Year]
  50. Backyard Lighting Ideas and Trends for [Year]
  51. How to Keep Dogs from Destroying Backyard Grass and Plants
  52. How Much Value Does Landscaping Add to a Home in [City/State/Region]

Leverage Content to Generate Landscaping Leads

In order to get the most value out of your landscaping website, you have to invest the time into answering top of mind questions that property owners in your service area are asking. In addition to improving your search engine rankings, website content in the form of blogs and project spotlights increase the credibility and trust researchers will have in your company.

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