New Website

You are starting from scratch, writing the first chapter. Right now you need a website that points viewers in the right direction.

Update Website

Progress requires change. In this moment you need a website designed to support your changing brand, products, services, and beyond.

Maintain Website

You have a solid website and simply need regular updates and security scans to be performed on the back end. We've got it covered.

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Starting from Scratch

Easy to use, uniquely developed WordPress websites, for a clean looking website.

Our process keeps everyone on the same page and eliminates the guesswork. Our experienced Colorado Springs web designers stay informed of current standards, best-practices, and methods to make your website work harder for your business.

Third Angle's Discovery Process1. Discovery

Meet with us to review your business, your brand, and your goals. We dig deep to get a holistic view so that our design and content will reflect you (not us).

Third Angle's Website Research & Planning Process2. Research & Planning

Know where your project stands from beginning to end with a rock solid plan that will launch an effective and successful business website.

Third Angle's Design & Development Process3. Design & Development

This is where we bring the plans to life by designing and developing your website to become the valuable online tool you need to grow your business.

Third Angle's Website Testing & Delivery Process

4. Test & Launch

You can kick to the curb all your launch anxiety. We eradicate any bugs and glitches before we launch everything into cyberspace.

Third Angle's Website Growth & Support Process5. Website Training

Like feeling in control? We sit down with you, and your team, and teach you how to maintain your new website’s content without needing a middle man.

Ready to take the first step? Let's talk.

Post-Launch Support

Even after all is said and done developing your website, we come alongside to help you reach your goals. We offer Website Maintenance Plans that allow varying levels of support.

Learn about our levels of maintenance plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my website be mobile friendly?


All of our websites are built with mobile devices in mind and responsive design is always included. Tablets and smartphones are an imperative part of society; a website responding to the various screen sizes will keep your visitors happy.

How much do your websites cost?

All of our website developments start at $1,500 and go up from there depending on your needs and requirements.

All projects are priced individually and we do not compete for cost. We are highly trained and bring valuable experience to every project.

How long does it take to develop the site?

From discovery to Launch our projects typically take 8 - 12 weeks. The speediness of a project is largely determined by the client’s personal investment.

What do you need from me?

While our team is talented, we aren’t magicians. To help your project go faster we recommend having all of your branding, text and images (content) gathered beforehand. If you don’t have anything, we are happy to help at an additional cost.

Optimize Your Current Website

Update an outdated website.

Does your website look old? Does it contain old information? Is it hard to navigate? Is it slow? These may all be reasons you want to develop a new website, but if you dig deeper there is always a bigger issue causing your website to suddenly be a burden.

Maybe the services have changed, sales are dwindling, or the business is being sold. When our website designers understand the core reason your business is needing a new website, we can develop a better strategy for your success.

Third Angle offers Premium Website Hosting1. Audit & Review

A comprehensive audit tells us what pieces and parts of your site are and are not working.

Third Angle's Design & Development Process2. Prioritize & Plan

Prioritizing tasks and creating a timeline helps keep everyone on the same page and assures updates aren’t missed.

Third Ange's Website Maintenance Client Plans feature a PageCreator3. Test & Update

We test then update all the changes needed to ensure your website doesn’t come crashing down.

It doesn't have to be a painful process.
Let's talk about updating your website with ease.

Ongoing Support

Keeping things maintained takes time, and time is money. That is why our Website Maintenance Plans help you save valuable time. Now you can spend your time on what’s important - growing your business.

Learn about our levels of maintenance plans.

A Word From Our Clients

"Thank you so much for your efforts on our behalf. Can't wait to see the changes and the fresh look. So comforting knowing that we are partnering with a company that has their eye on current trends and functionalities. It helps us present ourselves well. Thank you for your diligence and work."
- Mike Hensley at Heart of the Springs Church, January 2018

Frequently Asked Questions

What qualifies as an update?

Our Website Update service is commonly used for adding a new function, updating branding, text and photo (content) changes, and bringing website SEO practices up to date.

How do you price your updates?

We price our updates by the project based on the level of expertise and time that is required to complete your update project.

Should I update or rebuild my site?

This is a bit subjective, but generally speaking if your website hasn’t been seen by a developer in years it may be time for a rebuild. On the other hand, if the site has been well maintained over time it may only need some cosmetic work. Have us give it a look.

Keep Your Website Running Smoothly

Professionally maintain your website.

If you just suffered from a minor panic attack at the thought of adding website maintenance to your already more than full plate, take a deep breath, and don't fret. We are here to maintain your website for you.

Depending on the level of care plan you need, we will perform regular plugin updates, security screenings, and performance checks. And if you are one to like changing the content on your website regularly, we have an inclusive plan for that too.

We will sit with you and discuss the level of care plan your website needs honestly. If your needs are best served by our smallest care plan that is what we will tell you. We want the best for your small business.

Third Angle works with clients who have a budget.1. Save Time & Money

Meet with us to review your business, your brand, and your goals. We dig deep to get a holistic view so that our design and content will reflect you (not us).

Third Angle's Website Maintenance Client Plans Features Constant Security Monitoring2. Focus on Your Needs

We offer 3 plans that help you offload what is most important while staying on budget.

Man in front of computer earning money3. Experience Ease of Mind

All plans include back-ups and security which means you can rest easier knowing your site is up, running, and working hard.

Do you long to save time but can't bear the thought of an unmanned website? Here's your solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can enroll in the plans?

Any website that is built using WordPress. Don’t know if your site is WordPress, easily check it here.

Do you require contracts?

No. Our plans are month-to-month and charged automatically on the 1st of each month. To cancel, simply request a cancellation by contacting

What if my website is not built by you?

If we did not build your website, you are still eligible to enroll but we do recommend purchasing a website audit package to assure your site is up-to-date and secure before starting our plan.

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