8 Ways to Get More Listings as a Real Estate Agent in 2024

Posted Apr 10, 2024 | Updated 1 month ago

Getting more listings. That’s a continual goal for real estate agents in Colorado Springs—and it can be challenging at times. 

Since most individuals aren’t buying or selling properties on a regular basis, real estate agents are tasked with making new connections and bringing on new clients through a variety of channels.

Giving your best and serving as an invaluable resource to each of your existing clients is a good start, especially since referrals and word of mouth go a long way in such a community-centric industry. However, it’s imperative to not rely on any single business development method (after all, very few want to devote themselves entirely to activities like cold-calling!).

When you diversify your approach—employing digital channels, printed marketing materials, in-person networking, and more—you can better connect with your ideal demographic and find those individuals in your area who can most benefit from your real estate services.

How to Get Real Estate Listings in 2024

According to the National Association of Realtors, real estate agents complete a median of 12 transactions per year; that could be on either the buyer’s or the seller’s behalf. 

If your goal in 2024 is to get more listings from sellers, you’ll want to take a multi-pronged, or omni-channel, marketing approach that’s tailored to your target clientele and local area. Here are a few marketing and communications techniques to consider:

1. Build a Strong Brand Image

If you’re new to the real estate game, one of the first steps is to invest in yourself and develop a strong brand image.

  • What type of realtor do you want to be?
  • How do you want to present yourself to the community?
  • Which demographics are you interested in working with?
  • What makes you stand out from the competition?
  • Are there particular neighborhoods in the Colorado Springs area that you’re familiar with and want to focus on?

Use these details to establish your brand identity and create marketing assets that align with this image. Real estate is one of those industries that’s very face-forward; you’re really selling yourself and your unique skills, talents, and personality. Make sure it’s clear who that is.

2. Establish Your Online Presence

A lot of business happens online. You want to be prepared to make an impression in the digital world. That includes having a well-designed professional website—whether you work individually or as part of a team—and maintaining relevant and engaging social media accounts on a variety of platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, and/or TikTok. You can use your account to spotlight properties you have sold or that you currently have listed. You also can ask your customers to leave you positive reviews that might motivate others to employ your services. YouTube, Instagram and TikTok are great for developing longer posts or short videos, sharing insider knowledge, and demonstrating your grasp of the real estate market and the Colorado Springs area. Sharing a little bit of your knowledge is a worthwhile trade to establish yourself as an industry expert.

3. Add MLS Search to Your Professional Website

On the subject of professional real estate websites, there are several tactics to help you elevate your site. Talk to your website designer about incorporating Multiple Listing Services (MLS) into your website. According to the NAR, there are currently hundreds of MLSs, through which brokers share information on properties they have listed. You want to add MLS access to your website so that individuals wanting to sift through listings will do so directly on your platform.

To add MLS search functions to your real estate site, work with your website designer to integrate external technology designed for that purpose. A few options include:

  • Buying Buddy IDX/CRM. This plugin is a bit more basic than other options, which can make it the right option for a simple MLS addition. Depending on your website designed, styling this plugin to match might require extra development work.
  • IDX Broker. The most popular MLS plugin, it is used by a wide variety of industry professionals. Take note that this one can take a couple of weeks to integrate onto your website and may extend your project timeline slightly.
  • iHomeFinder is another option for incorporating a real estate search technology onto your website.

WordPress also has a variety of other plugins that can be used to add MLS search to your real estate website.

WordPress Website Design and Development

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4. Develop a Strong Landing Page for Free Home Valuations

Another way to drive interested sellers to your website is by providing a free home valuation. There are many free home value estimators on the Internet, so accuracy is key to set yours apart. Fortunately, you have the benefit of really knowing the regional real estate market and what factors influence home prices in the Colorado Springs area.

The first step is to determine what methodology to use for home valuations; then, develop an engaging, user-friendly landing page to host information on your website. Since automated home value estimators are difficult to make accurate, your best option is a fill-in form, where the seller can insert a variety of information and factors for you to take into consideration when providing an estimate. It also gives you a chance to reach out to respondents directly with your estimation and make them a pitch.

5. Stay Connected to the Community

Referrals are a big part of the real estate industry. Approximately 39 percent of home sellers find their agent through a referral. Build strong relationships, starting with those you know and working outward. Connect with other professionals, businesses, and families in your area through networking and community events. Sponsor local events and activities to get your name out there and build positive rapport. You also should stay connected with others in your industry by attending meetups and events with other real estate agents.

6. Reach Out to Homeowners with Expired Listings

You don’t want to wait for clients to come to you; you also have to be proactive to get more real estate listings in 2024. One way to do that is by looking for expired listings on Zillow and other sites. Those homeowners may be disappointed with their current circumstances and motivated to sell fast. That would make them more likely to need your services. It’s important to find out what challenges they’re facing and then offer solutions. In other words, how can you address their current situation and help them be successful in selling their property? To experiment with this strategy, find expired listings on Zillow using the site’s advanced search filters. Those enable you to filter out properties that have been on the market a certain amount of time and that are expired—or close to being expired. You also can find expired listings on MLSs; by searching public records; and by purchasing lead lists and real estate market data from wholesalers.

7. Distribute Flyers, Door Hangers, and Other Printed Collateral

Printed materials are a useful way to connect with local homeowners. Thanks to Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) and other direct mailing services, there’s a high likelihood your intended recipient will at least see your flyer or postcard. Or you can use eye-catching door hangers, for an equally targeted approach. The challenging part is devising the appropriate message. One option is to send out “just sold” postcards—featuring a property you brokered for a seller—to individuals who have similar properties, thereby demonstrating your success as a real estate agent. Additionally, you never know when people might need the services of a realtor, so there’s a benefit to planting the seed and establishing your presence through a direct mail campaign. Focus on neighborhoods with notably high turnover rates. In general, it doesn’t hurt to have a promotional package put together for distribution whenever you might need it. This should include your business card with a link to your website; a brief introduction of yourself, including your experience and professional values; and tips for successfully selling a home.

Generate New Business by Sending Physical Mailers

Now-a-days, it can be hard (and expensive!) to cut through the noise using solely digital marketing tactics. That's why we're here to help you integrate your digital presence with a physical mail marketing approach, that will make you stand out from your competitors. Simply give us a call to talk through which mailer options would work best for you.

8. Consider For-Sale-By-Owner (FBSO) Listings

One source of warm leads includes those in the FSBO market. These individuals already are in the process of selling their homes, which means you have a service they need imminently. On the other hand, they have already embarked on the process without a real estate agent, and they may have a good reason for doing so.

However, it doesn’t hurt to reach out, especially if someone’s property has been listed for awhile and doesn’t seem to be moving. From there, communicate to them how your services can be of value and try to dispel the concerns that prevented them from hiring a professional in the first place. A few places to look for FSBO listings include Zillow, Craigslist, Facebook, and

Staying Up to Speed in the Real Estate Industry in Colorado Springs

As a real estate professional, it’s important to maintain your presence within the community, connect with new potential clients, and demonstrate the value of your services. Having the right tools can help with all these goals. Whether you’re a new agent looking to develop a website for the first time or an established professional wanting to print new marketing collateral or add new technology to an existing website, Third Angle has services to support you. We offer branding and graphic design, printing, website design, and a variety of other services, backed by a experience delivering results for real estate professionals.  

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