How Landing Pages Can Increase Organic Search Traffic

How Landing Pages Increase Organic Search Traffic

Posted Nov 11, 2022 | Updated 2 years ago

| Written By Sarah Perry

Landing pages help increase targeted traffic and grow your customer base by providing additional value during a prospect’s research journey and vendor evaluation process.

Ideally, your site will have a variety of landing pages with gated resources and your site will have ungated content, like blogs and videos, that guide website visitors to click on a call to action (CTA) button that leads to the most relevant landing page.

So, what can you do to increase organic search traffic and bring new leads to your preferred landing page? We’ll dig into how landing pages can increase organic search traffic and pay dividends over time.

How Do You Increase Organic Traffic on a Landing Page?

The most affordable marketing and business growth tactics for small businesses is to increase organic traffic and leads. There are several things you can do to drive people searching for specific keywords or products to a landing page on your site:

  • Segment your audience so your message aims right at the pain points your most likely customers experience.
  • Encourage like-minded website owners and high-quality sites to link to you by offering excellent content. Focus on building backlinks the right way and avoid black hat tactics that might backfire.
  • Optimize your preferred landing pages for search engine optimization (SEO). The content should match the headline and keywords. Focusing on SEO saves you time and money because it brings the right organic traffic to your pages.

When you want to know how to drive traffic to your landing page, you must figure out the balance between landing page SEO and the message you’re trying to send. Learn how Third Angle can help you design a website that is SEO friendly and ready to capture the attention of leads.

Do Landing Pages Improve SEO?

The value of landing pages is two-fold: landing pages will capture the basic contact information of new traffic coming to your site and will also bring new organic traffic directly to the information most applicable to user needs. Landing pages are a “one-two” punch approach to increasing your small business’s online visibility and paving an avenue you can use to continue engaging with those website visitors.

The best landing pages are deployed to add-value to a researcher’s purchase experience.

Landing Page Example

For example, say someone is seeking an alternative to pet treat options available in major retailers and specialty pet retail stores. 

You happen to be a local bakery specializing in pet treats. You can gain visibility on search engines by answering questions related to the various needs customers have for using pet treats and the various needs they have in their search for a local, natural alternative to mass-marketed pet treat options.

Some ways to add value in this example would be

  • Providing a dog training checklist for ways to use pet treats to reinforce positive pet behaviors
  • Providing a dynamic resource, like a pricing calculator, that would allow prospective customers to determine the cost of their custom pet treat order
  • Providing an informational nutrition guide documenting the natural ingredients and/or local sources used by the bakery to create these pet treats

An interested prospect would be willing to exchange their email address and other basic contact information for a resource like one of the above. That’s the transaction occurring on your landing page.

Then, after that initial “contact information transaction” is complete, you can deploy email marketing or SMS marketing tactics to re-engage those prospects with additional information and offers encouraging them to make an official purchase.

How to Make An Effective Landing Page

Not all landing pages are created equal. Some tips for making the most of your landing pages are:

  • Your SEO will naturally improve when your landing page is on target for the keywords that prospects are searching for answers to
  • Landing pages can be very specific, allowing you to rank for long-tail keywords you might otherwise miss out on, so don’t be afraid to create niche resources and hyper-specific tools
  • Don’t create click-bait. Make sure you don’t try to fool the search engines into thinking a landing page is something other than what it truly is. Doing so could cause you to rank lower in results.
  • Focus on local SEO as well to grab interest, when relevant to your business offerings, from those looking for a topic “near me.”

Your landing pages are an extension of the rest of your website. Work to ensure they have a narrow focus and the best design possible.

Why Are Landing Pages Important for SEO?

Landing pages give your website more opportunities to appear in search results.

Then, the more traffic your site receives, the better you’ll rank for SEO. A well-placed landing page with a strong focus on solving pain points is a great place to start. Here are some ways landing pages help improve SEO:

  • Add an explainer video to your landing page. You can embed one right from YouTube and use the social platform to reach new customers, sending traffic directly to your site.
  • Perfect your headlines. The first thing people see on search engine results pages is your title. You want to say enough to grab their attention and make them click on your link over all the others on the page.
  • Optimize every landing page for good search engine results. Your page may be there long after your initial campaign ends, attracting new visitors.
  • Form submissions also have a correlation with increasing search engine performance. Since landing pages are lower-risk commitments that website visitors make to engage with your brand, you can exponentially increase the number of form submissions triggered on your website even if you’re nurturing prospects towards making an official purchase.

In some instances, creating landing pages specifically for Google Ad campaigns can also be a winning strategy to deploy. Google states landing pages play a big role in evaluating a website’s quality score for ad sets.

Your website is the digital face of your brand. You should take intentional measures at launch if you want a successful website launch that draws new customers to your online business presence.

Ways to Increase Organic Search From the Get-Go

Here are a handful of ways to improve your website’s performance right from the start of launching your new or re-designed website:

  • Review current analytics to see where you might improve.
    • Can you simplify your sitemap to improve your website’s performance?
    • Have you adequately linked existing pages together via internal linking strategies?
    • What common questions do prospects ask that are not yet answered on your website?
  • Focus on the customer experience (CX). You want people to walk away feeling like you really thought out CX and care about providing them with helpful guidance on your website.
  • Test every link, button and feature to ensure it functions as planned. The worst thing you can do is promote resources and then guide your website visitors to broken links and 404 errors.

Ongoing Ways to Increase Organic Search After Launching Your Website

Then, after launching your website, you need to continue adding fresh content regularly. Determine a consistent cadence on which you, your team, or a marketing agency would be able to consistently publish new content and new resources, gated by a landing page, on your website.

Think about how you can reach new leads and go into your content marketing strategy with an experimental mindset. Test different strategies, measure their effectiveness, and be open to exploring options you may not have originally pursued to find the tactics most relevant to your target audience. Some may enjoy social media, while others prefer an email from you.

Using other forms of traditional and digital marketing tactics,  you can promote your small business without social media if it isn’t something you’re ready to tackle yet.

Improve Your Landing Pages for Best SEO

Ensuring your landing pages and website meet all the requirements to rank high in search engine results takes intentional efforts and consistency. You must pay attention to user intent behind keyword searches, whether your page meets the standards search engines set forth and monitor for what changes over time.

The good news? The right landing page will attract new contacts that you can nurture into paying customers.

Contact Third Angle, and we’ll help you develop a winning content marketing strategy with effective resources and landing pages that hit all the right chords for your target audience and search engines alike.

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